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Welcome to Summer 48! Prepare to embark on a filmmaking adventure in the heart of Southern Illinois, as the historic Liberty Theater and Cinemaclique team up to host their first bi-annual 48-hour film race. With limited time and unlimited imagination, teams of filmmakers will write, shoot, and edit a complete short film over the course of a single weekend in hopes of winning a coveted "Muddy Award". 


Friday, August 11th: 6:00p - 8:00p

At least one member of each filmmaking team must meet at the Liberty Theater to finalize their team's registration and draw a random "required element" that must be included in their film. Filmmakers that do not register ahead of time can do late registration at the kick-off for a $10 late fee ($30 total per team).


At 8:00pm all filmmakers will be released and the race will officially start. Teams must submit their finished film by 8:00pm on Sunday, August 13th online or in-person at the Liberty Theater. 

Saturday, August 19th at 7:00p

You're invited to join us for an epic short film extravaganza. Harness your inner film-critic as you witness the birth of incredible films and cast your vote for the highly sought-after "Audience Choice Award." Don't miss out on this opportunity to celebrate the power of local movie-making with us!

Tickets to the screening and award ceremony are free, though we suggest a donation of $5 - $10 at the door for those that can contribute. All donations go to the Liberty Theater and it's continued efforts to support the arts.


Filmmaking teams will be judged by a panel of jurors from Cinemaclique and two guest jurors from our sponsors (one from Muddy Monster Comics and one from 17th Street BBQ). Each participating team of filmmakers will receive a consolation prize of a Liberty Theater T-Shirt. Award winners will receive a highly elusive "Muddy Award".


Best Picture

Awarded to the team with the all around best movie. Judging is based on a combination of technical skills, storytelling, and adherence to the assignment. Each member of the team who wins "Best Picture" will also receive a $20 gift certificate to 17th Street BBQ and Faye restaurants (courtesy of Amy Mills).


Best Special FX
This award will go to the team with the most impressive, fantastical, or blood-soaked special effects!


Best Writing
This award will go to the team who creates the most captivating tale and writes the best story!


Audience Choice

The audience will be asked to vote for their favorite film at the end of the screening, determining the winner of the highly coveted "Audience Choice" award. This team gets the grandest prize of all... bragging rights.


The official after-party of Summer 48 will be hosted by our sponsor Brews Brothers Taproom in Murphysboro, Illinois immediately following the award ceremony. This is a great place for filmmakers to network, meet the public, and discuss movie making!

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