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Teach. Learn. Connect. Collaborate. Create. Compete

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Our mission is to build a filmmaking subculture with a collaborative spirit in Southern Illinois by inspiring, teaching, and connecting local filmmakers through events, social gatherings, workshops, competitions, and cooperative projects.

The Club consists of getting together on a monthly basis to discuss and study the art of filmmaking. We host workshops, guest-speakers, screenings, film-making contests, festivals, and more. Cinemaclique is open to all filmmakers of all skill and experience levels. If you’re interested in joining or would like to learn more, please fill out our member sign-up form here.

The club was formed in March of 2023 by Filmmaker Charlie Queen and a group of 5 close friends and collaborators now known as the Cinemaclique Council. The club is loosely based on a number of other organizations including Gainesville Cinemadrome, The 48 Hour Film Project, The Big Muddy Film Festival, and the Champaign, Illinois-based Workshop Films Collective.

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