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We've partnered with the Y'all Rock Carbondale organization to produce a music video for the winner of their 2024 Rock Roulette fundraiser. BurnBand won first place by raising $1461 for Y'all Rock Carbondale youth music summer camp. Cinemaclique members have a chance to pitch their music video concept to the band and direct the official music video for BurnBand's song, "Mommy Issues".

Rock Concert
Check Out the Song!
Head to our public resources page, go to the Y'all Rock folder and listen to the song, read the lyrics, and check out the band's blurb about the meaning of the song. Then come up with a killer concept for a music video with a $500 budget (video and audio gear will be provided).
Make a Pitch Video
Record a video of you giving your Pitch presentation. Try to keep it under ten minutes. The video can be as simple as voiceover and your pitch deck slides. Upload it as an unlisted Youtube video and set it to "No, it's not made for kids".
Build a Pitch Deck
Read the .PDF in the Y'all Rock folder entitled "Workshop: Development and Pitch Decks" to learn how to build a pitch deck. Then use the "Pitch Deck Template" to create your own on Google Slides. Remember you can use images from other films or artists to convey your vision.
Submit Your Pitch
Send an email with a link to your video and a .PDF of your Pitch Deck to with your name and "Music Video Pitch" in the subject line. Videos must be submitted before midnight on May 15th, 2024 to be considered!
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